Welcome to Koh Chang

/Welcome to Koh Chang

Koh Chang the largest and most popular of the islands in eastern Thailand. Whilst it’s nowhere near as busy as Samui or Phuket, it is a similar size.  But far less touristy and far less well-known.

And that’s  good thing.  It’s what attracts sensible people – like you – to come here and not follow the package tour crowds south.

You’ll find all types of accommodation on Koh Chang ranging from luxury resorts to backpacker beach huts and trendy hostels.  And from boutique resorts to package tour 2-star places where you can fight for your poolside sun lounger with visitors from around the world.  If you’re not sure where to stay, then this handy guide to the best accommodation covers everything from a simple hut to a 5 star resort.

There are numerous activities to keep you occupied when you aren’t sunning yourself – everything from elephant trekking to scuba diving.  And if you want to explore the interior of the island, grab a scooter and head off to discover various waterfalls which can easily be reached on foot.  Or take a jungle trek to the top of one of the mountains

If you want to discover more about the island then spend some time reading through the Island Guide section.  This covers all of Koh Chang and you’ll get an idea about which areas might be best for you to stay, all the time our Map Section brings you the most up-to-date and detailed maps of the island and its beaches.

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